Aircraft Guidance Equipment - Spurleitsysteme

Centre Line Guidance System

In absence of Follow-Me vehicle or marshallers, an Aircraft Docking System requires a destination Guidance at airports providing for nose-in stands. This guidance enables a pilot to arrive exactly at the aircraft’s predestinated parking position.Our AGNIS system comprises of the following components:


Centre Line Guidance Element

Stop Display

Control and Supervision unit


Centre Line Guidance

The Guidance element/device extends the centre line navigation of the aircraft. The aircraft is directed from the taxi way along the yellow centre line to approach its final parking position along the taxiing line by the guidance system.

The aircraft has to be guided in such a way that both slots of the AGNIS system show a GREEN light. Any deviations to the left or right must always be corrected in direction to this GREEN light.


Full Stop

With the aid of stop-display the aircraft will be halted at its predestinated parking position.


Centre line guidance device

The guidance device is a visual installation to guide an aircraft along the centre line (taxiing line) to its parking position in front of the building or in front of an AGNIS POLE. Attached to the building’s facade, this visual device shows in the pilot’s direction and serves him as a guiding aid.


Control and Supervision unit

The Control and Supervision unit manages the switching-on/off of all optical units such as Centre Line Guidance system and Stop Display plus optionally Position panel and StopShortBoard, and monitors their status during operation. The switching- and supervisory functions can be carried out directly with the unit itself at a high voltage user-panel (not integral part of unit) or across a 24 Volt control connection.


AGNIS datasheet
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